The Value of Accreditation

To ensure the independence of standard-setting and evaluation, most certification schemes appoint a third-party accreditation body to assess the qualification of certification bodies for their system.  Accreditation by SAAS is a formal, third party recognition of competence to deliver social audits. It provides a means to identify a proven, competent auditing company so that the selection is an informed choice.  Usually the reason for getting something independently evaluated is to confirm it meets specific requirements in order to reduce risks. 


Benefits of Accreditation

Certification bodies (CBs) need to be accredited to assure stakeholders that these companies are able to consistently and reliably perform a certification audit and that these audits are carried out in a professional manner. Accreditation provides independence that contributes to impartial assessments of all bodies within the system.  The purpose of accreditation is to assure that auditing bodies are competent to do the work they undertake and that their audit practices are undertaken impartially, competently and effectively, reducing risk to the system. Owners of social and environmental audit systems need to ensure that the audit system meets its intended purpose and that third party validation is performed by audit companies qualified to do so. Accreditation provides validation that the system fulfills its intended requirements.


SAAS Accreditation

Accreditation by SAAS assures stakeholders that CBs have been assessed against internationally recognized standards and are able to effectively and professionally conduct audits. Accreditation provides a framework to evaluate an accredited CB and requires that the CB is consistent in its methods and practices. Certification by a SAAS-accredited CB lends greater credibility to the organization - both the CB and certified organization must adhere to a set of requirements to assure compliance with expected standards.  
SAAS maintains a list of accredited CBs and course providers, the scope of their accredited activities and initial date of accreditation. Stakeholders wishing to contact one of these organizations or contract with one of them for an audit should visit the accredited CBs page . Those wishing to take an auditor training course should see the course providers page.  

To Learn More

To learn more about the value of accreditation, download the Value of Accreditation document on the Additional Documents page.