Our Organization

SAAS develops rigorous evaluation and quality assurance systems through third-party assessment and accreditation services and is committed to maintaining the integrity of social accountability standards and codes by overseeing and verifying the activities undertaken by SAAS clients.  SAAS accredits Certification Bodies, authorizing them to audit and issue certificates to social standards.  As part of this process, SAAS monitors the CBs for compliance with accreditation requirements and offers verification and quality assurance services in the fields of corporate social responsibility and labor standards.  


To provide confidence in the ability of assessment systems to protect people and their communities.


As an accreditation body, SAAS maintains policies and procedures governing the structure and operation of the organization. These systems ensure credibility, impartiality and reliability of SAAS services and include a complaints and appeals process, internal audits, management reviews, and a corrective and preventive action system for continuous improvement.  SAAS has sole authority and is responsible for all decisions relating to its accreditation and verification activities, thereby ensuring independence, uniformity and consistency among certification bodies. 

The organization is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and was formed to enable organizations and their suppliers to demonstrate compliance with social accountability standards, to accredit and monitor certification organizations, and to provide assurance that the public can rely on the competence of accredited organizations, the certificates they issue, and the process by which they are issued. 

Our Structure

SAAS is governed by a Board of Directors and convenes an Accreditation Review Panel to assist in developing policies and recommendations to ensure best practices, continuous improvement and impartiality in the accreditation process. SAAS staff are responsible for the various day-to-day activities and operations of the organization, managing the evaluation and performance of the accredited certification bodies, maintaining the quality and training of accreditation auditors, and providing development and program services to clients.