Accreditation Oversight

SAAS’s continual oversight of the certification bodies’ organisational and operational practices provides the highest levels of transparency and credibility.

SAI and other interested parties recognize only those SA8000 certifications that are awarded by SAAS-accredited certification bodies. Accreditation of certification bodies (in accordance with internationally recognized ISO standards) assures the consistent, reliable, and effective implementation of SA8000 audits and certifications. Social Accountability Accreditation Services’ (SAAS) accreditation provides robust oversight and monitoring of certification bodies’ governance, impartiality, management, and remediation systems to assure the desired SA8000® outcomes. This ongoing oversight includes document reviews, office audits, observation of on-site audits, and surveillance monitoring. Stakeholders seeking to confirm the validity of an SA8000 certificate are encouraged to view the Certified Facilities list or contact the CB directly.