SA8000 Management Systems Philosophy

SA8000 Principles
Accredited SA8000 certification provides a clear framework for system maintenance and improvement. This management-oriented approach drives continuous and sustainable improvements and minimizes supply chain risks.

An organisation certified to the SA8000® Standard is required to continuously demonstrate that it:

  • maintains and promotes policies, objectives, procedures, and communications to effectively inform employees of the organisation’s social compliance program and commitment to SA8000 requirements; 
  • sustains management commitment to the organisation’s social compliance program, including: 
    • providing of adequate resources; 
    • reviewing overall performance on an ongoing basis; and 
    • driving continual improvement; 
  • provides channels for workers and external stakeholders to communicate areas of concern and ideas for improvement; 
  • supports a team of trained workers and managers to oversee the social compliance program; evaluates and acts upon risks associated with the organisation’s suppliers and contractors; 
  • conducts regular assessments and evaluations to verify compliance and identify improvement opportunities; and 
  • takes effective actions to address issues and opportunities identified.