Social Fingerprint


To see how the Social Fingerprint Self-Assessments and Independent Evaluations are integrated into the SA8000 certification cycle for new SA8000:2014 clients, click here

To see how the Social Fingerprint Self-Assessments and Independent Evaluations are integrated into the SA8000 certification cycle for currently certified clients transitioning to SA8000:2014click here

When do Social Fingerprint self-assessments and independent evaluations take place during the certification cycle, including during the SA8000:2014 transition process? 

ResponseSAI has conferred with its Advisory Board and many stakeholders to decide when the Social Fingerprint self-assessment (taken by the applicant or certified organisation) and the independent evaluation (completed by the SA8000 Lead Auditor) should take place during the audit process.  This information is explained explicitly in Advisory 4A, and is further explained in the  Guidance for SA8000 Certification Auditors on Social Fingerprint for SA8000: 2014 and SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar- Part 2: Social Fingerprint.  

Can CBs provide the Social Fingerprint self-assessment content to certified organisations and new clients? 

ResponseNo.  Organisations take the online self-assessment on their own before the audit. A key part of the Social Fingerprint process includes the organisation’s active participation in the system, including an online training component for capacity building.  Therefore, the self-assessment will not be made available offline for distribution to clients in advance.

What are the fees for participating in the Social Fingerprint self-assessment and independent evaluations? 

ResponseSAI has finalized the fee schedule and made the exact figures available.  There will be 2 types of fees: one paid by the certified organisation for using the self-assessment and one paid by the CB for using Social Fingerprint as part of the SA8000:2014 audit process.

In which languages will the Social Fingerprint self-assessment be available? 

ResponseIn the immediate future, it will be available in English, Italian and Mandarin.

Has SAAS accepted the edits, comments, suggestions and changes that resulted from the calibration meetings with the CBs and other correspondence with stakeholders? 

ResponseYes, many of the changes and suggestions were reviewed and incorporated into the final procedures and systems.  SAAS began the process of collecting feedback, input and suggested edits for clarity immediately after the release of the SA80000-related documents in 2007 and 2008.  More recently, the outcomes of discussions at calibration meetings and feedback from CBs and SA8000 auditors have been incorporated into the final versions of the documents.  The transition period was extended and many other process suggestions have been incorporated, including comments related to the Social Fingerprint self-assessment questions.  

CBs’ contracts with their clients do not yet include Social Fingerprint and other aspects of the SA8000:2014 and new Procedure 200 requirements.  How should CBs manage this? 

ResponseCBs shall be required to issue new contracts to certified organisations and applicant organisations, which cover all new and revised audit processes in relation to SA8000:2014, Procedure 200:2015 and Procedure 201A:2015 and Procedure 201B:2015.  This includes the Social Fingerprint self-assessment and independent evaluation.