SAAS Procedure 201B:2015 Interpretation Questions

[collapsed title="Clauses 2.2 and 2.3: What is the difference between Specialist Auditor and Technical Expert? From the definitions in 2.2 and 2.3, they both are member of the audit team assigned to conduct specific interviews and/or review specific audit evidence utilizing his/her specialized skills."]  Response: Specialist Auditor refers to skills such as worker interviews, payroll analysis, health and safety etc.  Technical Expert refers to Technical Industry Sector Experience.[/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Clause 3.3: For already appointed auditors and experts who were qualified based on previous requirements: is it sufficient to check that they comply with the Annual Maintenance Requirements?"]
Response: No as Clause 3.3 describes the need for a training plan to be produced for every auditor (and others as described in Clause 3.2). This plan should also encompass SAAS Notification 4B.[/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Clause 3.6: regards Technical Experts and translators, expert, observers and trainees not as audit team members whereas ISO 17021-1 clause does (although their time is not counted as audit time)."]
Response: SAAS takes Procedure 201B Clause 3.6 as having the same basic meaning as ISO17021-1:2015 Clause but refers to Team Members as Participants.  This is to ensure that for example Specialist Auditors such as female worker interviewers work alone (without a male auditor present) and that their audit effort is also included in the overall audit effort.  Clause 3.6 Figure 2 clearly shows this. [/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Clause 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3: Persons With Management System Experience: What counts as management system experience? How many years of experience are required?"]
Response: It is expected that at least 3 years minimum management system experience is required. The Program Manager will need to justify why they would accept less than 3 years.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Clause 4.3: Lead auditor: requires Social Accountability Advanced Training Modules a) Worker Interview Techniques and b) Fire Prevention and Awareness - those 2 modules are not available on SAI website. When will they be available?"]
Response: SAI through SAAS with advise when these courses are available. [/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Clause 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3: Annual maintenance requirements: What is the meaning of maintenance by program manager?"]
Response: This means that on an annual basis the SA8000 Program Manager reviews each Auditor to make sure that they still meet the requirements of Procedure 201B.[/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Clause 4.5: Annual Maintenance Requirements: It is not clear what exactly is the expectation of SAAS from this reference."]
Response: In drafting the new criteria, SAAS has made it clear that the Program Managers are expected, at minimum, to have the same experience and requirements as the Lead Auditors. If there is a deviation, the CB shall have to justify their reason and SAAS may or may not choose to accept this deviation, resulting in a possible non-conformity. The + sign explains the requirement – referring to audit experience – SA8000 auditing experience – which could be surveillance audits, not specifically limited to only certification or recertification audits: 
Ongoing SA8000 Experience+: Demonstrable ongoing experience with SA8000 accreditation requirements (ISO 17011, ISO 17021, SAAS Procedures 200, 201, etc.).  Program Managers ahll maintain ongoing experience with SAAS SA8000 requirements (which would include, at minimum, SAAS procedures and normative requirements). [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Structured learning: SAAS Guideline 305 Continuing Education Framework allows structured and semi-structured training. Is this Guideline now obsolete?"]
Response: Yes Guideline 305 is now obsolete. SAAS have generally followed the IRCA definition of structured learning: interactive and highly participative training courses and seminars; professional body meetings with formal lectures; active participation in the development of standards. [/collapsed]
[collapsed title="Can the auditor experience exchange meeting be counted as structured learning for CPD?"]
Response: Yes if face to face in person. If via telephone or VOIP then it is counted as non-structured.[/collapsed]