Codes of Conduct

SAAS works with industry and global initiatives to implement and monitor implementation of codes of conduct. Codes of conduct are developed by organizations seeking to improve labor conditions within the company and throughout the supply chain. Organizations voluntarily adopt a set of rules or regulations to meet the code and are then audited for compliance to the system. This is different from certification because no certificate of compliance is issued to a facility adopting a code of conduct.  SAAS offers oversight and monitoring for code of conduct systems as well as certification programs.


How We Are Involved

Because BSCI has required the use of SA8000-accredited certification bodies, SAAS provided technical assistance and surveillance audits to ensure CB competency to BSCI’s standards. However, because BSCI is a code of conduct and not a certification system, the accredited CB may utilize a different business unit than the accredited head office for SA8000.  This means that different management, staff, and auditors may be involved in BSCI than SA8000. SAAS requires implementation of a management structure and training requirements for staff and auditors. This system is audited by SAAS through a series of office and witness audits.  


For More Information

For more information please contact BSCI directly.