Certification Costs

As the accreditation body, SAAS does not set a specific amount for the cost of the certification process.  Instead, individual certification bodies set the cost of certification based on market prices.  


The cost of certification for SA8000 depends on the size, scope, and location of the facility and varies depending on the number of days and auditors needed to conduct the audit at the facility.  The number of audit days is set out in Procedure 200, Appendix 1.  In general, the costs typically range between $500 and $1,500 per day, as determined by each individual certification body.

Some facilities may require pre-audit work which is separate from the cost of certification.  The cost for this work depends entirely on the state of readiness for implementation of the standard at the facility.

There are four basic types of out-of-pocket costs associated with certification:

  1. The costs associated with taking corrective and preventive action in order to comply with the standard.  After this, an organization may seek verification of its compliance through the use of a consultant or internal audit;
  2. The cost of preparing for the audit;
  3. The cost of an independent audit by a SAAS-accredited CB;
  4. The costs associated with taking corrective actions to resolve problems (if nonconformities have been identified).


Please visit the list of accredited CBs to begin the process of certification.  If your organization is interested in becoming accredited to conduct SA8000 certification and/or the BSCI code of conduct please visit our Accreditation page.