SA8000 Auditor Training

SAI has developed an SA8000 Basic Auditor Training course designed to train certification auditors and other professionals in the field of social auditing and performance, using the SA8000 management systems approach.  This 5-day course is a pre-requisite for qualifying as an SA8000 auditor.  The course provides strong insight for auditors on the parameters of acceptable performance, concentrating on objective evidence and information gathering. It includes interactive exercises, role playing, team case studies, and an examination to ensure proficiency in the course material.


Organizations delivering training on the SA8000 audit process need to be accredited to assure stakeholders that the SA8000 training is consistent and effective and that these courses are carried out in a professional manner.  In order to meet the qualifications for an SA8000 auditor, the auditor must successfully complete a 5-day course.  

For More Information

Click here to view the list of Accredited Course Providers or visit the SAI website to learn more about available training courses.