Accreditation Review Panel

SAAS convenes an Accreditation Review Panel (ARP) - the Committee reviews applications for initial accreditation and reaccreditation from auditing firms seeking to become Certification Bodies (CBs) accredited by SAAS.  The ARP is given the authority by the SAAS Board of Directors to make accreditation recommendations to the SAAS Executive Director who shall be responsible for the final accreditation decision.

Role of ARP

Members of the ARP provides advice and counsel to SAAS on assessment reports and applications and makes accreditation recommendations on the basis thereof to the Executive Director. The ARP is comprised of a minimum of three members, nominated by the Executive Director and appointed by the Board of Directors, consisting of  independent technical experts and  representatives of the bodies that own the Standards to which SAAS accredits (one from the business sector and one from civil society).  The ARP activities are identified in SAAS Procedure 303.