Accreditation Requirements

Organizations interested in conducting audits within the scope of SAAS oversight must apply to be accredited by SAAS.  In order to be accredited, these applicants are assessed and evaluated as to whether they meet the criteria set out in SAAS Procedures and ISO requirements. SAAS Procedures are developed in a partnership with the standard setter and specify the accreditation process and certification methodology to audit organizations using social standards and codes of conduct. 

The systems set out in SAAS procedures and ISO requirements are binding to CBs accredited by SAAS and include requirements for certification body audit processes, auditor qualifications, procedures and issuance of certificates. These requirements also contain principles for the competence, consistency, and impartiality of an audit and the certification of management systems of all types for bodies providing these activities.  

SAAS Process

The assessment process by SAAS includes document review, site audits and observation of auditors in the field. SAAS undertakes impartial assessment and surveillance of certification bodies (CBs) to ensure that the SAAS-accredited certification process is functioning and meets the SAAS criteria. 

Normative requirements for accreditation can be found in the Document Library.  Additional information can be found here related to:

SAAS, in collaboration with SAI, has created and released a webinar to review the SA8000:2014 audit through a complete, in-depth review of the entirety of the process requirements contained in Procedure 200.  Participants may enroll and participate in the pre-recorded webinar to learn more about the general content of this procedure.

For additional information on the integration of Social Fingerprint into the SA8000:2014 audit process, please visit SAI's website.
To provide feedback or request clarification on procedures, please complete the SA8000:2014 Procedures: Stakeholder Feedback and Clarification Request Form.  This form may then be submitted to

Organizations interested in being accredited by SAAS must meet the criteria set out in the SAAS Procedures.  SAAS currently or has previously run accreditation programs as detailed on the following pages: