Accreditation Programs

SAAS is the only international accreditation body offering third party accreditation for social audit certification systems. SAAS has built its reputation by offering systems to provide oversight of social audit programs in a consistent, reliable and transparent manner. SAAS accredits Certification Bodies (CBs) to perform audits utilizing social management standards.  These standards provide a means of promoting workplace conditions in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Conventions and National Labor Laws. 


SAAS accreditation and assurance programs currently include SA8000 Certification, and ABVTEX.  Additionally, they have previously included SA8000 Auditor Training, BSCI Code of Conduct Audits, GoodWeave International, Magen Tzedek, and InterAction PVO standards. More information about each program can be found below as well as by visiting the Our Clients page above.

Organizations seeking to apply for accreditation should visit the Accreditation Requirements page.  Normative documents can be downloaded from the Document Library.

 SA8000 Certification

For accreditation to conduct SA8000 certification audits, organizations must fulfill the requirements of Procedure 200, supplemental advisories and ISO/IEC 17021. SAAS Procedure 200 specifies the certification audit methodology to conduct SA8000 audits and the process to certify organizations to SA8000. The systems set out in Procedure 200 are binding to CBs accredited by SAAS for performing SA8000 audits and includes requirements for certification body audit processes, management system, auditor qualifications, monitoring procedures and issuance of certificates. ISO/IEC 17021 contains principles and requirements for the competence, consistency, and impartiality of an audit and audit team, and the certification of management systems of all types. ISO 17021 also sets out structural requirements for auditing companies providing these activities.  

To see a list of accredited Certification Bodies, visit the Accredited Certification Bodies page.  To view the list of SA8000 certified facilities, visit the Information Center's SA8000 certified facilities page.



Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) provides technical support for and qualitative evaluation of the ABVTEX audits Program. SAAS is the only global accreditation body whose mission is to support the implementation of social and labor standards, assesses the competence of individual auditing systems and auditors. By partnering with SAAS, ABVTEX effectively contributes to the sustainable efforts of the fashion industry to monitor and qualify its global supply chain.


Previous Accreditation Programs

SA8000 Auditor Training Course Providers

SAAS has offered accreditation services to organizations interested in delivering the basic 5-day SA8000 auditor training course.   Accredited course providers were required to meet the requirements set out in the previously issued Procedure 250. Procedure 250 specifies the requirements of the five day, 36 hour training course and establishes the criteria and methodology that the course provider must meet.  As SAI is determining a new structure for SA8000 Training Course Providers, information will be available on SAI's website.  Further questions can be directed to: To view the list of accredited Course Providers, visit the Accredited Course Providers page.


BSCI Code of Conduct Audits

Organizations interested in conducting BSCI audits should contact BSCI directly at:


GoodWeave International

GoodWeave International manages the GoodWeave Inspection Body.  Individuals interested in conducting on-site audits to the GoodWeave system should contact GoodWeave at:


Magen Tzedek

Organizations interested in learning more about the Magen Tzedek project and/or conducting audits against the Magen Tzedek system should contact SAAS at:


InterAction PVO Standards

Audits to the InterAction PVO Standards are currently conducted via self-assessment.  For additional information please contact InterAction at: