Frequently Asked Questions About SA8000:2014 Transition Process


In conjunction with SAI, SAAS has issued 4 notifications regarding the transition plan, training requirements and upgrade process for auditing to SA8000:2014.  The notifications and revised timeline can be found in the SAAS Document Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAAS has compiled some frequently asked questions to address any questions that may arise as a result of these Notifications.  

SAAS Procedure 200:2015 Interpretation Questions 

SAAS Procedure 201A:2015 Interpretation Questions

SAAS Procedure 201B:2015 Interpretation Questions

Transition Time Frame and Process

Social Fingerprint

Accreditation Transition Process

*Note: SAAS is working with SAI to revise Procedure 200:2015, clause 21: Multi-site Certification.  This revision will address the questions that have arisen about implementation of multi-site certification, the number of audit days required, and sampling at the various sites.  We project that the new revision of Procedure 200:2015 will be available for implementation in early January 2017.