SAAS Online Complaints Submission Form

Allegations are variously directed to Certified Organisations, Certification Bodies (CBs), Auditing Companies (ACs) and Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). The SAAS Web Page outlines processes describing how any interested party should raise and pursue allegations of dissatisfaction related to accreditation, oversight and certification activity that fall within the scope of SAAS activity.  Note: SAAS is unable to investigate allegations of dissatisfaction if they are outside of the scope of SAAS activity.  To submit an allegation (of wrong-doing), the complainant may fill in this form.

What type of organisation/company do you represent? For example: Audit Company (Certification Body), Certified Organisation, Individual Person, NGO, Trade Union, Academia, Brand, Retailer, Trade Association, Auditor, Producer, Worker.
Allegation Details 

These fields refer to the organisation / company / individual you are submitting allegations about. 

Name of the organisation / company / individual.
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For example: ISO 17021, SAAS Procedure 200, SA8000 or BSCI Code of Conduct. If applicable. Please state requirement or clause.

In order for an allegation to be thoroughly and effectively investigated, it is important that all available information be considered.  Please include detailed information below.  To the greatest extent possible, each allegation should be: 

  1. Individually stated;
  2. Supported by additional evidence (such as names of individuals involved / impacted, dates, copies of records); and
  3. Include or make reference to applicable requirements allegedly not fulfilled.

Details of Evidence 
Please provide a concise summary of allegation. If multiple allegations, please list each individually.
Please attach any additional files where necessary
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For allegations against CBs/ACs and/or Certified Organisations, provide evidence of: 1) allegation submission to relevant CB/AC and 2) review / investigation from the CB/AC.