External Activities

Corrective Action Requests (CARS)

SAAS procedures require that certification bodies report to SAAS all corrective action requests that have been issued to certified facilities.  Corrective Actions Requests occur when the CB issues a nonconformity to a facility that does not fully meet an element of the standard or code of conduct.  This report tracks trends in SA8000 certification to help SAAS improve the overall system and strengthen the quality of SA8000 certificates issued.  The data provides a record of each Certification Body’s activity in different industries, countries, and sizes of facilities and the corrective actions that are issued by element.  By analyzing the CARs issued by element and by country, SAAS is able to identify additional training or guidance that may be needed for CBs and auditors.




The SAAS complaints and appeals system provides benefits to both workers and companies – it offers workers (and organizations) an avenue to have their voices heard and companies can be made aware of workplace practices to which they may not have been privy.  While social audits can reveal much about conditions in the supply-chain, complaints offer a way to identify weaknesses or concerns.  The SAAS complaints system includes a required review of issues raised, an investigation into evidence, clear communication with the complainant and root cause analysis and corrective actions to address any proven complaints.  In the event that a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, a complaint may be filed directly with SAAS.