GoodWeave International

SAAS has previously worked with GoodWeave International, the organization responsible for the creation of the GoodWeave Certification Program which aims to end illegal and exploitative child labor practices in the handmade carpet industry, in order to establish an accredited certification system that ensures reliability, consistency and conformity to international standardized requirements.


As recognition that GoodWeave's certification program provides a credible, robust and high quality system, and to meet the demand for continuous improvement, Goodweave contracted SAAS to review their certification program and provide accreditation services for oversight. 

Our Role

SAAS assessed GoodWeave’s certification policies, procedures and guidelines to ISO Guide 65 and to ISEAL’s membership requirements, thereby assessing compliance with  requirements. The accreditation program for GoodWeave's system includes periodic monitoring through office and witnessed audits to assess continued compliance.  

For More Information

To learn more, visit GoodWeave's website. Be sure to check out the GoodWeave Standard as well.

To contact GoodWeave directly, click here.