InterAction works to overcome poverty, exclusion and suffering by advancing social justice and basic dignity for all, with over 180 members worldwide. The InterAction Child Sponsorship certification standards aim to promote confidence that organizations which have this credential provide child sponsorship services at the high level associated with the Child Sponsorship Certification standards and methodology.



InterAction contracted with SAAS to create, pilot, and manage an accreditation system for certification services to InterAction’s Child Sponsorship Organizations working to be in compliance with its Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) standard. Through this program, SAAS accredited Certification Bodies to conduct certifications using the certification manual for the Child Sponsorship Certification Standards.


Our Role

SAAS, in consultation with the Child Sponsorship Certification Working Group, developed procedures and guidance for the PVO standard’s certification and accreditation process and conducted surveillance audits to monitor continued compliance.

This certification program was in effect beginning in 2004 and resulted in the certification of a number of Child Sponsorship Organizations. The experience gained during certifications led to clarifications and improvements in the standards. The Child Sponsorship organizations have continued to implement the program and guidance through a self-assessment and self-evaluation process independent of SAAS oversight.  


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