SA8000 Certification

The SA8000® Standard
1. Child Labour
2. Forced or Compulsory Labour
3. Health and Safety
4. Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
5. Discrimination
6. Disciplinary Practices
7. Working Hours
8. Remuneration
9. Management System

SA8000 is the leading social certification standard for factories and organisations across the globe. Established by Social Accountability International (SAI) in 1997 as a multi-stakeholder initiative, the Standard has evolved into an overall framework that helps certified organisations demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers. The Standard measures social performance in eight areas important to social accountability in workplaces, complemented by the management system element that emphasizes worker involvement and drives continuous improvement in all areas of the Standard. The SA8000® Standard is appreciated by brands and industry leaders for its rigorous approach to ensuring the highest quality of social compliance in their supply chains, all the while without sacrificing business interests.

SA8000 reflects labour provisions contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. It also respects, complements and supports national labour laws around the world, and currently helps secure ethical working conditions for over two million workers across industries.

Regular revisions ensure the Standard’s continuing applicability in the face of new and emergent social and human rights issues. Buying organisations, independent codes of conduct, and private sector initiatives have all recognized SA8000’s multi-sector applicability and responded to growing public interest by integrating SA8000 criteria into their compliance processes. Similarly, governments wishing to encourage and strengthen social performance in the workplace have created incentive programs specifically recognizing SA8000-certified companies.

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The SA8000 Standard was developed by Social Accountability International. SAI is a global multi-stakeholder standard-setting organization whose mission is to advance the human rights of workers around the world. SAI works to protect the integrity of those workers by building local capacity and developing systems of accountability through socially responsible standards.  SAI is the developer and publisher of SA8000 but does not itself carry out auditing and certification. These services are performed independently of SAI by Certification Bodies. SAI, working with SAAS, develops system requirements to encourage good practice on a worldwide basis. As SA8000 is a closed accreditation and certification system, certification bodies seeking to conduct recognized SA8000 audits and issue SA8000 certificates must apply to SAAS for accreditation.

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