As an accreditation body, SAAS must maintain an appropriate balance between principles of openness and confidentiality, including responsiveness to dissatisfaction - this is necessary to demonstrate integrity and credibility to all users of certification.  

SAAS is dedicated to promoting transparency through its own internal practices and external services. Transparency in social auditing provides important insight into the impact of the system and provides stakeholders the opportunity to understand the assessment of processes and results. SAAS encourages transparency in our own process and requires data from certification bodies through our oversight procedures. As part of these initiatives, SAAS conducts external audits, internal audits and oversees Corrective Actions Requests, as well as provides research, best practice reports and case studies.

Such activities include:
  • Management of complaints, concerns, grievances, disputes, and appeals
  • Conduct of internal audits and SAAS management reviews
  • Convening an Accreditation Review Panel and Advisory Committees
  • Issuance and review of corrective action requests and non-conformities