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Download copies of normative documents, policies, procedures and guidelines for SAAS accreditation and associated certification systems.

SA8000:2014 Certification and Accreditation Process Procedures

Please visit the SA8000:2014 transition FAQs page for answers on interpretations and other frequently asked questions.

SAAS Notifications on Transition to SA8000:2014
SAAS Checklists for Transition to SA8000:2014
Please also visit the Accreditation Requirements page for additional guidance and templates.
SAAS, in collaboration with SAI, has created and released a webinar to review the SA8000:2014 audit through a complete, in-depth review of the entirety of the process requirements contained in Procedure 200.  Participants may enroll and participate in the pre-recorded webinar to learn more about the general content of this procedure.
SA8000:2008 Certification and Accreditation Process Procedures
  • Advisory 11: Structure and Subcontracting Requirements for CBs
  • Advisory 12: Unaccredited SA8000 Certificates Process
  • Advisory 13: Frequency of SA8000 Surveillance Audits
  • Advisory 14: Suspension of Certifications in Pakistan
  • Advisory 15: Continuing Education Requirements
  • Advisory 16: Risk Assessment by Country in the SA8000 System
  • Advisory 17: Outsourcing of Audit Activities by CBs
  • Advisory 18: Emergency Preparedness in the SA8000 System

SA8000:2008 Accreditation Process

BSCI Assessment Requirements and Documents

SAAS Accreditation Requirements for SA8000 Auditor Training

SAAS Complaints/Appeals


SAAS Continuing Education