Our Services

Oversight services by SAAS provide assurance to stakeholders that auditing companies will consistently, reliably, and effectively audit workplaces utilizing social standards within the scope of SAAS activities.  


SAAS sets strict policies and oversight procedures for the accreditation of qualified organizations to issue certificates and monitor those clients. Accreditation entails an assessment by SAAS of auditing companies that provide certification and social auditing services against internationally recognized standards.  

Accreditation is the process by which formal recognition of competence is given to qualified auditing organizations, known as Certification Bodies (CBs), who are then granted the ability to perform certifications. Certification of compliance to standard systems within the scope of SAAS activity is available only through qualified CBs granted accreditation by SAAS. 

Assessment activities throughout the accreditation process by SAAS include:

  • document reviews
  • office audits
  • observations of auditors, and 
  • ongoing monitoring for continuous compliance to requirements. 

SAAS accredits certification bodies and course providers as well as trains and qualifies accreditation auditors to conduct audits.  Accreditation by SAAS provides transparency, credibility and a framework for a quality management system for the certification company and its clients.



SAAS develops policies and conducts verification and quality assurance for organizations seeking to ensure transparency and compliance with social and environmental management systems.  Through third-party oversight and effective sampling methods, SAAS enables code developers, companies, and organizations to verify that their systems are being implemented in accordance with requirements.  This system provides independent assurance to stakeholders that the system is being used consistently and appropriately.


Capacity Building

SAAS offers guidance and technical assistance in the development of social standards, guidance, policies, auditing methodologies, and associated verification systems.  SAAS has expertise in creating auditable standards, developing relevant and measurable processes, and creating impartial and applicable policies for social and environmental auditing.  SAAS capacity building initiatives also include the development and management of competent auditors, ensuring full and effective impact of the auditing systems.