Accreditation Fees

A copy of the fee schedule with all details and related information should be downloaded for reference.

To accredit and monitor Certification Bodies, SAAS charges the following fees:

1. The fee to purchase a printed copy of the application is $100.  An electronic copy may be downloaded free of charge.

2. The application fee to SAAS is payable upon submission of the application for accreditation. The fees charged for applying for initial accreditation and reaccreditation are below. For this fee, SAAS shall receive and consider the application for initial accreditation and reaccreditation. The application fee covers receipt and initial review of the application material only. The application for initial accreditation and reaccreditation shall not be considered without receipt of the application fee.


Accreditation for SA8000 Certification Bodies: Initial Accreditation Application Fee:$7,500.00
Accreditation for SA8000 Certification Bodies: Reaccreditation Application Fee:$5,000.00
Accreditation for Course Providers of the Basic SA8000 Training Course: Initial Accreditation Application Fee:$3,000.00
Fee for Scope Extension: Should an accredited body wish to add additional locations to its accredited certificate scope, it shall notify SAAS in writing and submit an administrative fee:$100.00






3. The fees for Accreditation (including reaccreditation) and Surveillance Audits are $1,400 per auditor per day, plus $650 per day for travel. CBs are directly responsible for the cost of travel including airfare, meals, and hotels, and the cost of interpretation if needed.

The number of audit days required varies by several factors, including: the number of documents received in the document review, the size of the organization being audited (in an office audit), where the CB is in the audit cycle (whether it is an accreditation or surveillance audit), the audit plan (for a witness audit), and the number of travel days required to get to the audit. Average audit days are listed below.  Please also see Procedure 201A, Figure 4 for an estimate of the number of days for initial accreditation.

Audit ItemAverage Number of Auditor Days
Document Review1 - 2 days
Office Audit1 - 2 auditors for 2-3 days
Witness Audit2 auditors for 2 - 3 days
Report Writing1 -2 days

4. There is an SA8000 royalty fee of $5,000 or 3% of gross auditing fees, annually.

5. Certification Body auditors and staff are required to attend SAAS-accredited or approved auditor, advanced auditor, and professional development training courses. The average cost of attending a course is approximately $1,200 to $2,000 per person. CB managers and field auditors must also attend SA8000 calibration meetings, the purpose of which is to conform and calibrate the interpretations of requirements used in auditing by SA8000 auditors. Generally there is no fee for attending these meetings, although travel expenses may be incurred by the attendee.